DIVAfest History


2017 DIVAfest: Kilgallen/Jones by Allison Page; DIVA or Die Burlesque curated by Red Velvet

2016 DIVAfest: Hotel Burlesque, devised by the ensemble, choreographed by Red Velvet, directed by Amanda Ortmayer; The Big Hot Mess by Catherine Debon; Terra Incognita by UpLift Physical Theatre, DIVA or Die Burlesque, curated by Red Velvet

2015 DIVAfest, Hilarity by Allison Page; Loud and Unladylike: A Is for Adeline by Tracy Held Potter, The Effects of Ultraviolet Light by Claire Ann Rice, & Code Name: Brass Rose by Rachel Bublitz; Nerd Nation by Dhaya Lakshminarayanan; DIVA or Die Burlesque curated by Red Velvet

2014 DIVAfest, Kirstin Hersh’s Rat Girl, adapted by Stuart Eugene Bousel; At the White Rabbit Burlesque co-created by Red Velvet and If-N’-Whendy; Pas De Quatre by Margery Fairchild; I Will Survive by Diane di Prima; More Miles and Moments by Erika Atkinson; Transformation Into Reality and Women In Progress by Serena Morelli; DIVAs Tell All curated by Catherine Debon; Songwriter Saturdays hosted by Melissa Lyn; Mommy Queerest written by Kat Evasco and John Caldon

2013 DIVAfestYou’re Going to Bleed by Melissa Fall, directed by Claire Rice; The Helen Project by Megan Cohen and Amy Clare Tasker; Rebel Without a Bra: A Burlesque Cabaret, created by Red Velvet and If-N’-Whendy, directed by Amanda Ortmayer; Songwriter Saturday featuring Kate Kilbane & the Cellar Doors, Xandra, and Meg Anderson, hosted by Melissa Lyn; Performance Art Showcase curated by Erica Blue; DIVAs Tell All, curated by Catherine Debon; Paintings by Deborah Williams Trounstine; Designs by Amy Clare Jewelry; Reading by Erika Atkinson

2012 DIVAfest, Girl in, but not of, the ‘Hood by Genevieve Jessee; Pussy by Maura Halloran, Alma Colorada by Catherine Debon; Songwriter Saturdays curated by Melissa Lyn; DIVA or Die Burlesque curated by Red Velvet and If-N’-Whendy; Pas De Quatre by Margery Fairchild; Behind the Scenes: DIVAs in their natural habitats by Kathy JoLafreniere; Femine Medicine: Collecting the P.E.A.C.E.S.; Organic Sex Talks hosted by Erica Blue; Golden Lotus Spa by Erica Blue; Designs by Amy Clare; Happily Lost in Time and Place by Erika Atkinson

2011 DIVAfest, Eleanor by Margery Fairchild; Lucky Girl by Frances Driscoll and Tom Juarez; A Most Notorious Woman by Maggie Cronin; You Can’t Play Guitar When You’re Dead by Carrie Baum Love; Singer Songwriter Melissa Lyn; What’s New by Diane di Prima;

2010 DIVAfest, The Wind and Rain by Claytie Mason; Buddhist Ruminations: Poetry and Spirit by Diane di Prima; Grace by Lee Kiszonas; A Tapestry of Travel Tales by Erika Atkinson; Lady of the ‘Loin featuring Shannon Day and the songwriting team Don Seaver and Sean Owens; Visual Art by Sophie Kadow

2009 DIVAfest, An Affair of Honor by Lee Kiszonas; Samsara by Lauren Yee; Capote’s Last Frontier by Lee Kiszonas; Lady of the ‘Loin featuring Shannon Day and the songwriting team of Don Seaver and Sean Owens; Dreams, Visions and Apparitions by Diane di Prima;

2008 DIVAfest, Medea Knows Best by Claytie Mason, Alyssa Mortenson and Nebunele Theatre Company; War Harvest by Pireeni Sundaralingam; DIVA Cabaret hosted by Sean Owens; More or Less Love Poems by Diane di Prima; Trashy Chic by Donna Asturias

2007 DIVAfest, Crystal Daze by Deborah Eubanks; Human Hands by Kerry Reid; An Affair of Honor by Lee Keszonas; Obsessed by Maria Rokas; The Other Choice by Carrie Hartman & Jennifer Berry; Sassy & Seductive DIVAfest Cabaret hosted by Sean Owens with Don Seaver; Alchemical Fragments by Diane di Prima; Paintings by Kirsten Tradowsky

2006 DIVAfest, Beauty and the Breast by Liebe Wetzel and Lunatique Fantastique; Guns and Ammunitiion by Sarah McKereghan; Waiting for FEMA by Karen Ripley and Annie Larson; DIVA Cabaret at Original Joe’s hosted by Sean Owens with Don Seaver; Revolutionary Letters by Diane di Prima; Reporter Girl by Laura Rohrman; Dream House by Elizabeth Fuller and Conrad Bishop; Back Seat by L.A. Hyder

2005 DIVAfest, The Mandala Olive Project developed by Amy Mueller, Denmo Ibrahim and the ensemble; Ambivalent Geneses by Sarah McKereghan; some lives by Mia Paschal; The Abortion Show … or Uhh …Bortion Show by Abby Schachner; Beauty and the Breast by Liebe Wetzel; LOBA by Diane di Prima; But What What You Done For Me Lately? by Myrna Lamb; Visual Art by Lori K. Butler

2004 DIVAfest, Boxcar Bertha by Kerry Reid in collaboration with Christina Augello and John Warren; Drama Queens Come Clean by Lory Stewart, Cindy Baker & Justine Fields; Last of the Red Hot Dadas by Kerry Reid; Love Dances by Tara Brandel and Mna Rua Dance Productions; The New District Manager by Cameron Galloway; Talking Machine by the ensemble directed by Erica Blue; A Tingle Tangle Cabaret with Janet Roitz and Billy Philadelphia;The Art of Etiolation by Mia Paschel; Mama, What Do You Do? by Emilie Valentine; The Women of Death Row Project by Kim Fowler and John Warren; Objets de Passion: The Fluidity of Lesbian Femme by Happy Hyder

2003 DIVAfest, Executive Order 9066 by Lunatique Fantastique; Toasted by Elisa DeCarlo; Einstein’s Daughter’s Cabaret by Kim Epifano; Tincture by Sean Owens; Winterkill by Denise B. Flemming; AGROOF; an Odyssey of Amorous Adventures in B flat by Monkeyhouse; Cabaret Rebel by Beth Wilmurt; Box Car Bertha by Kerry Reid; Stretch Marks by the Drama Mamas – Sarah Cluf, Jodi Schiller, Christine Armand DiBiasi, and Christine Garofoli; Stage Door by Edna Ferber and George Kaufman; Photos by Laurie Gallant

2002 DIVAfest, The Last of the Red-Hot Dadas by Kerry Reid; Songs About Life & Death & Insects by Amy X Neuburg; Dialogue Between a Prostitute and Her Client by Dacia Maraini; Dellicious: Lily Marchand Rises Again by Libby O’Connell; Champion! by Thessaly Lerner; Body Talk: Boobs, Butts & Thighs by Buffy Charlet; Madam Noir’s Fandango by Andrea Terry & Mark Bunnell; The Women by Clare Boothe Luce; Nocturne by Teresa Moore; Girlesque by Sean Owens

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