DIVAfest 2014


ratKIRSTIN HERSH’S RAT GIRL, adapted by Stuart Eugene Bousel. A world premiere play about music and madness in the indie rock scene of the 80s. Part biography, part rock concert, part experimental theater, RAT GIRL is based on Hersh’s memoir of the same name. It tells the story of how, in one year, she went from a gifted college student to an icon of art rock music when her band, Throwing Muses, was signed onto the British label 4AD Records. Along the way, Hersh discovered that she was bi-polar after a suicide attempt landed her in a mental hospital, and that she was pregnant with her first child. As much a story about one woman’s struggle to live with her own particular demons as it is about the rise of a gifted and unique artist, the play is a surreal and often comical exploration of how we make peace with who we are.

whiteAT THE WHITE RABBIT BURLESQUE, co-created by Bay Area burlesque performers, Red Velvet and If-N’-Whendy, directed by Amanda Ortmayer. A topsy-turvy, titillating tumble down the mental rabbit hole, follow Alice’s strange journey on her first night as an employee of The White Rabbit Burlesque, where she meets a bevy of interesting characters all strangely reminiscent of our favorite Wonderland residents!

pas-2-150WPAS DE QUATRE, by Margery Fairchild. A dark and hilarious behind the scenes look at the making of 1845 ballet of the same name. The Pas De Quatre, written and directed by Margery Fairchild, is a Work in Progress that explores the dark and often hilarious difficulties surrounding the making of the 1845
ballet/divertissement of the same title. Featuring the 4 reigning ballerinas of Europe, and a choreographer who had close relationships with each dancer, The Pas De Quatre is a rare look “behind the scenes” of this historical Ballet and a glimpse into the private and often painful lives of its principle characters.

I WILL SURVIVE, the poetry of Diane di Prima.

MORE MILES AND MOMENTS, a reading by Erika Atkinson from her upcoming book.

TRANSFORMATION INTO REALITY AND WOMEN IN PROGRESS, a photography exihibit by visual artist Serena Morelli.

DIVAS TELL ALL, work in progress by women artists, curated by Catherine Debon.

mommy-2MOMMY QUEEREST. “Mommy Queerest” is a comedic, autobiographical, one-woman show written by Kat Evasco and John Caldon, performed by Kat Evasco, and directed by John Caldon. This new work chronicles the coming out process of a lesbian daughter and a closeted lesbian mother, illustrating how the reclaiming of their sexuality challenges and strengthens their relationship. Mounted as a solo performance, “Mommy Queerest” aims to celebrate sexuality, eradicate homophobia and break cycles of abuse.

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