DIVAfest 2013


castjpg-150x150YOU’RE GOING TO BLEED
BY Melissa Fall, directed by Claire Rice
An All-American black comedy about fantasies, sex and revenge. Out in foggy suburbia marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Anne wants to have sex, but her husband, John, won’t because it’s her “time of the month.” John is having fantasies inspired by The Crucible about his teenage pupil, Abigail. Abigail is having fantasies about being the central character and getting her own monologue. Anne’s sister Helen married Grahame because he looks like Hugh Grant. Before the play comes to a close there will be a haunting, a glass unicorn will shatter, a dinner party will come to a violent end, and someone is going to bleed.

The-Helen-Project-1-150x150THE HELEN PROJECT
By Megan Cohen & Amy Clare Tasker
Directed by Amy Clare Tasker
The Helen Project zooms in and out of the bedroom and the mind of the most beautiful woman in the world. Images of Helen from Homer and Marlowe, from modern poetry, and even ripped from the headlines of our contemporary tabloids turn in a kaleidoscope of original and found text. We glimpse fleeting portraits of this mythic woman as each edition twists the mirrors to reflect a new Helen.

Rebel-Without-A-Bra-red-velvet-and-if-n-whendy-150x150REBEL WITHOUT A BRA: A BURLESQUE CABARET
created by Red Velvet & If-N’-Whendy
directed by Amanda Ortmayer
An enticing experience combining theater, cabaret, and burlesque in a unique and sensual evening of entertainment about women in burlesque history from the sultry stage presence of Victorian lovelies in tights, to the French cancan, through the classical age of burlesque beauties, to the current neo-burlesque.genre.

Featuring Kate Kilbane & the Cellar Doors, winner of “Best of Fringe” last year for their rock musical, Weightless; Xandra, a favorite Lady of the Blues; Meg Anderson, using a loop pedal to layer beats and harmonies; and hosted by Melissa Lyn,

Curated by Erica Blue
New solo and group work and work in progress

Curated by Catherine Debon
Short excerpts from women artists including writing, music, comedy and performance art.

Paintings in watercolor and fine quality giclee prints

Glass, beads, paper, and crochet thread, using high-quality hypo-allergenic metal findings and earring hooks.

Readings from a book-in-progress

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