DIVAfest 2008

7th Annual DIVAfest April 10 – April 26, 2008

medeaMEDEA KNOWS BEST by Claytie Mason, Alyssa Mortenson and Nebunele Theatre Company Euripides with a Doo-Wop Chorus set in 1950’s suburban America with a madly updated tragic script that will leave you reeling, panting, and questioning your ideas about faith, love, and the American Way.

WAR HARVEST by Pireeni Sundaralingam Staged reading of a play-in-progress portraying the fragmentation of trust among a family that fled to the West from the campaigns of mass rape and systematic genocide of the Sri Lankan civil war, and the way they end up desperately clinging to (often quite contradictory) codes of honor.

DIVA Cabaret Sean Owens (in drag? mai oui!) returns to host, with collaborator composer/musician Don Seaver and a bevy of Bay Area chanteuses including Shannon Day, Lua Hadar, Libby O’Connell, Mia Paschal, Janet Roitz, and Sharon Walton.

dianeMORE OR LESS LOVE POEMS by Beat icon Diane di Prima “WHO do you love is the question. And why. . . ” Published and unpublished “love” poems to friends, pets, trees, plants, family, dead poets, painters and alchemists, various lovers of varying genders, astral encounters, my kids, times & places that may never have been, ones I’m sure existed but maybe shouldn’t have – these love poems – are grouchy, happy, sad, ecstatic, erotic, disgusted, silly, bemused, enraged, and of course “hip” (whatever that means) — as you would expect from someone who’s been keeping on keeping on and loving (or not) whatever comes her way. Puppy love from a 73 year old, and wisdom from an almost-teenager . . .

donnaTRASHY CHIC by Donna Asturias Original recreations of T-shirts toparty frocks, transforming the discarded into the desired

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