DIVAfest 2007

6th Annual DIVAfest April 26 – May 26, 2007

crystalCRYSTAL DAZE by Deborah Eubanks
Co-directed by Michelle Talgarow & Deborah Eubanks
Crystal Daze, the methamphetamine seductress, weaves her way into the lives of two young women and challenges their mothers for possession of their daughters. Based on true stories, Crystal Daze, explores the world of teens who turn to this drug as the perfect coping method.

humanHUMAN HANDS by Kerry Reid, Sarah McKereghan director/dramaturge
In an otherworldly cafe run by Mary Mallon (aka “Typhoid Mary”) the proprietress tangles with her latest customer: Ignac Semmelweis, the Hungarian doctor who, in 1840’s Vienna, discovered the link between hand-washing and the prevention of disease in hospitals. As the two spar, scenes from their past lives illustrate their common isolation as foreigners, and the ongoing struggle for humans to strike the balance between collective safety and individual liberties.

affair2AN AFFAIR OF HONOR by Lee Kiszonas, Adriana Baer director/dramaturge

The story of Julie D’Aubigny, a cross dressing sword fighting opera diva forced to fight in Parisian taverns for francs until she is discovered by Philippe Duc D’Orleans who takes her to Marseilles to sing in the opera. There she meets and falls in love with Bette, who believes Julie is a man. Ultimately she is unmasked and the horrified Bette runs away and joins a convent. A gender bending plan to spring Bette from the convent backfires as Julie is challenged to a duel to the death from the betrayed Bette.

obsessedOBSESSED by Maria Rokas, Laura Ellen Smith director/dramaturge
When seventeen-year-old Zoe asks her parents for plastic surgery as a high school graduation gift, Mom and Dad can’t make sense of it. As they sift through an environment filled with reality TV, tabloid journalism, and the Internet for someone or something to blame, they’re faced with just how much the world has changed since they were Zoe’s age.

THE OTHER CHOICE, by Carrie Kartman & Jennifer Berry, Jayne Wenger director/dramaturge
As two writers living side-by-side pursue their dreams, their lives spin off in opposite directions. Kate, high strung, artistic, and slightly scattered has a career beyond her wildest dreams, but the family she always envisioned has not materialized. Susan, pragmatic and fiery, sees her once-promising writing career disintegrating when she stays home to raise twins, soon followed by a third baby.

DIVAfest Cabaret: Sassy & Seductive
hosted by Sean Owens with Don Seaver
Featuring newly developed material from women including “Legs As Smooth As Glass”, “One Way ATM” and “Revolving Door” by Bay Area singers and songwriters Alison Bloomfield, Lua Hadar, Mia Paschal, Janet Roitz, Amy Tobin, Diane Valory and poetess Pireeni Sundaralingam. Original musical compositions by Don Seaver at the piano and Otto Huber on percussion. MC’d by the ever sassy & seductive Sean Owens.

dianeALCHEMICAL FRAGMENTS with Diane di Prima
Beat poet Diane di Prima never practiced laboratory alchemy but her interest goes back to 1965 when she first came across the work of Paracelsus. Over the past forty years, alchemical poems have “arrived” in her notebooks. Diane will be reading from this unpublished manuscript, from excerpts of some of the great alchemists of the past and share other poems of hers that are rooted in the study and practice of Western Magick, followed by Q&A

A collection of oil and watercolor paintings that entwine past and present traditions found within theater history and its female icons inspired by vintage photographs, dreams, and interactions with theater.

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