DIVAfest 2006

5th Annual DIVAfest April 20 – May 6, 2006


beautyBEAUTY AND THE BREAST by Liebe Wetzel and Lunatique Fantastique, directed by Jayne Wenger.
A found-object puppet finds a lump in her self-examination and goes through the mostly painful, sometimes funny, always human, ups and downs of biopsy, mastectomy, diagnosis, and treatment for breast cancered. Both humorous and poignant, the play is based upon interviews with women who are survivors ob breast cancer, their partners and medical practitioners.
Object Choreography and Casting by Liebe Wetzel, Developed by Lunatique Fantastique with Christine Young and Jayne Wenger, Lunatique Fantastique Puppeteers: Jen Colasuonno, Susie Danzig, Sheila Devitt, Nicole Frantilla, Kelly Holly, Robin Plutchok, Christina Shonkwiler

gunsGUNS AND AMMUNITION by Sarah McKereghan
What happens when four women are thrust together in the face of tragedy? In the case of the O’Sullivan family, dirty laundry is aired and the claws come out. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Guns and Ammunition explores how the ways in which you communicate with others will dictate the health and direction of those relationships.

femaFEMA by Karen Ripley and Annie Larson
Catch a glimpse into your future … will it be an earthquake or tsunami that forces you to scream “HELP! FEMA!” Molly and Edna face chaos in this comic/musical Red Alert. By comic writer-performers Karen Ripley and Annie Larson, with live musical back-up by Jack “Applejack” Walroth. Ripley and Larson have toured nationally and have been performing together for over 20 years.

DIVA CABARET AT ORIGINAL JOE’S hosted by Sean Owens with Don Seaver on piano
On the Sixes, nestled in the Cabaret Room at the city’s favorite nightspot since 1936, promises fresh perspective on the city’s seismic centennial, and a night of “only-in-San Francisco” entertainment. A rotating line-up of fabulous talent ensures a new & fresh show every night! Come see the likes of Beth Wilmurt, Denmo Ibrahim, Janet Roitz, Leigh Crow, L.A. Hyder, Mia Paschal, Sharon Walton, Thessaly Lerner, Lara Bruckmann, Alison Bloomfield and EXIT’s own Christina Augello.

diane2REVOLUTIONARY LETTERS by Diane di Prima
DIVA favorite, celebrated Beat poet Diane di Prima, will read from the new edition of her classic Revolutionary Letters to be published in 2006. At last year’s DIVAfest, di Prima read from her epic poem, Loba, hailed as the great female counterpart to Alan Ginsberg’s Howl.

brendastarrREPORTER GIRL by Laura Rohrman, a workshop reading directed by Adriana Baer.
This ficitionalized dramatic work, written by Laura Rohrman, the granddaughter of Brenda Starr creator Dale Messick, is based on the life of Messick as she made her way in the male-dominated field of cartooning in the 1930s and ’40s in NYC.

DREAM HOUSE — a workshop reading of a solo show with Elizabeth Fuller, written by Elizabeth Fuller and Conrad Bishop, presented as a work in progress reading. In the throes of her Inner Clown, Elizabeth with the help of her six sisters, all named Elizabeth – Liz the Developer, Bessie the Plumber, Beth the Dreamer, Bette the Inspector, Liza the Gambler, and Lizzie the Slut – tries to construct an edifice of identity that will stand up by itself. It’s about identity and the trials of stage-managing the jangled ensemble inhabiting one’s skull. It’s funny, weird, intense and autobiographical, but we leave it to you to guess what’s real and what’s fiction.

happyL.A. HYDER
Visual/performance artist L.A. Hyder will construct an interactive sculpture piece at the EXIT CafĂ© at 156 Eddy Street. Entitled Back Seat, Ms. Hyder’s piece is the back seat of a car tricked out to represent the fabled teenage love-nest of the 50s. An audio element will present women’s real and/or imagined tales celebrating sexuality, along with the music that triggers them. Viewers can opt to participate by writing in Diva or Dude diaries of their own escapades while sitting in the “Back Seat.”

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