DIVAfest 2005

4th Annual DIVAfest April 20 – April 30, 2005

mandalaTHE MANDALA OLIVE PROJECT developed by Amy Mueller & Denmo Ibrahim and The Ensemble, directed by Denmo Ibrahim
A performance built over a three month process delving into the history, the hype, and the tension in Israel and Palestine. Utilizing first hand accounts, current media clips, and agricultural characteristics of the land of Israelis and Palestinians, this on going project seeks to question where one can begin to understand this family feud when the material overwhelms and skews, misleads, and leaves mere impressions of the truth?

ambivalentAMBIVALENT GENESES written and directed by Sarah McKereghan
If you were the last woman or man left on the planet, how would you make sense out of it all? What would you turn to? This story of the power of nature versus the power of spirituality explores knowledge and ignorance, sexuality and love, and the redefining of gender roles. Will the “chosen ones” learn from the mistakes of the past and build a new world together or will their prejudices doom the future of humankind?

somesome life written and performed by Mia Paschal
A woman finds herself reflected in unexpected mirrors: black blondes and Harriet Tubman in Hollywood, a hard woman among strong ones in a Queens hospital ward, the syzygy of Brancusi, clothespins, and Billie Holiday’s smile, betrayal in a stranger’s bedroom, the morning after a drunken one night stand, Harvard and molar-sized diamonds at a Potrero Hill BBQ, and one very industrious, very tiny little spider on her ceiling. 13 facets of a black woman in these United States as she explores her perception of how others perceive her and how she perceives herself – change your angle.

abortionTHE ABORTION SHOW… or UHH… BORTION SHOW… written and performed by Abby Schachner
Part love story, part confessional…all heart. Counting down from 100, a woman, under the spell of medical gasses encounters her past and experiences a trip more moving than an orgasm. A new work featuring singing condoms, two hangers getting it on, and a talking fetus as her costars.

beauty2BEAUTY AND THE BREAST by Liebe Wetzel and Lunatique Fantastique
A work-in-progress based on interviews with women who are are survivors of breast cancer. Liebe will speak about the piece and the collaborative process of creating found object theatre. She will also be auditioning objects. She is casting lace bras, sports bras, wigs, stethoscopes, pill bottles, grapefruit, kitchen knives, cutting boards and mops. Please bring anything that is lighter than the kitchen sink. She will take volunteers from the audience and turn them into manipulators. BEAUTY AND THE BREAST is planned to premiere at DIVAfest 2006.

diane3LOBA by Diane di Prima
The poem LOBA, a visionary epic quest for the reintegration of the feminine, was hailed by many as the great female counterpart to Allen Ginsberg’s HOWL when the first half appeared in 1978. LOBA, “she-wolf” in Spanish, explores the wilderness at the heart of experience.

A staged reading of Myrna Lamb’s 1970 pro choice play celebrating women’s liberation — part polemic, part history lesson, this provocative, brutal absurdist one-act allegory illustrates the passionate urgency and anger behind the era’s violent struggle to legalize abortion.

diva-cardLORI K. BUTLER, Visual Artist, will exhibit her illustrations in a group of images that celebrate women and all the different ways a woman can be a DIVA. She will be using a variety of media including computer generation, screen printing and collage.

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