DIVAfest 2004

3rd Annual DIVAfest May 20 – May 29, 2004

boxcarBOXCAR BERTHA by Kerry Reid in collaboration with Christina Augello and John Warren, live musical accompaniment by Jack “Applejack” Walroth
This depression era saga follows legendary depression era hobo, feminist, and anarchist Bertha Thompson, a rugged hard living woman who rode the rails in the 1930s, on a journey from hobo to grifter, from prostitute to activist.

Drama-QueenDRAMA QUEENS COME CLEAN: The Secret Lives of Women Written by Lory Stewart, Cindy Baker & Justine Fields
Three actresses and one drag queen take the stage and recreate experiences inspired by their lives in a series of monologues and scenes that the Austin American-Statesman describes as “a robust and broad gyno comedy.”.

elsaLAST OF THE RED HOT DADAS by Kerry Reid starring Christina Augello
The true story of Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, Dada’s unsung heroine, as she reflects on the nature of art, gender relationships and the price to be paid for telling the truth about both.

taraLOVE DANCES by Tara Brandel and Mna Rua Dance Productions
In the face of our present wars and conflicts, Love Dances mixes movement, songs, images and spoken word to celebrate our incredible human capacity to love, and sends out a message of hope in difficult times.


New-District-Mngr-BTHE NEW DISTRICT MANAGER by Cameron Galloway, directed by Meredith Eldred and Libby O’Connell
Executrix Catherine Honeycutt has abandoned her sex– quite literally — but it’s still getting gigs! Determined suitor Frank goes on a montage-laden quest to track down the elusive Genitalia non grata, while
nosy waiters and villainous doctors claw for stage time in this post-feminist B-movie burlesque of free range femininity.

talkTALKING MACHINE by the ensemble directed by Erica Blue
“Papa the box is talking to me, this thing is cursed … this thing is blessed.” A dance/silent film/opera epic created in a Neo Realistic Felini inspired world, an odyssey of confused beauty, blind optimism and bread. Post War II, Italy, a group of people are drawn together by the Talking Machine which arrives mysteriously in their court yard and it begins speaking to each of them, evoking dreams, fears, and loves. In the end they resurrect hope surrounded by grapes.

janetA TINGLE TANGLE CABARET with Janet Roitz and Billy Philadelphia, directed by Beth Wilmurt, choreographer Chris Black
An evening in which a dame and a piano player trip the light fantastic through a batch of hot, cool and crooked numbers.

A film directed by Mia Paschal, director of photography Brad Cooreman, sound design by Yvette Janine Jackson and original music by Ray’s Vast Basement and Idris Ackamoor. Chaotic Heart Films. Paschal portrays a struggling black actress who has survived an abusive childhood and isolated adulthood by lying. Through this exploration, she learns that achieving truth in her art is inseparable from living truthfully in her life.

casey“MAMA, WHAT DO YOU DO?” and other photos by Emilie Valentine



womenReadings from THE WOMEN ON DEATH ROW PROJECT by Kim Fowler and John Warren
An evening of reading and dialogue, based on interviews, court transcripts, and news items dealing with women and capital punishment.

A series of vignettes formed by this lesbian femme’s views on life from early training to be a good girl (with the music that accompanied it) to the challenges and rewards of polyamory and butch/femme attraction.

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