DIVAfest 2003

2nd Annual DIVAfest May 22 – May 31, 2003

lunfanEXECUTIVE ORDER 9066 Written and performed by Lunatique Fantastique.
Performance alchemist Liebe Wetzel and her award-winning puppetry ensemble tell the story of a family caught in the national hysteria that led to the internment of Japanese Americans during WW II. “It’s rare enough to find a company dedicated to serious puppet theater for adults, but Wetzel and her collaborators already seem poised to tackle even more complex and detailed narratives. Don’t miss this exceptional, intelligent, singular work.” — SF BAY GUARDIAN

elisaTOASTED Written and Performed by Elisa DeCarlo
After a drunken party, comedienne Elisa DeCarlo checks her email and discovers a shocking, detailed confession of murder. The true story from the women at the center of the case that made international headlines, including The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and “Dateline NBC.” “Brightly comic, painfully brave, and ultimately, terribly tragic” — SF CHRONICLE.

kimjEINSTEIN’S DAUGHTER’S CABARET. Created and Performed by Kim Epifano with Tara Brandel and Sarah Luella Baker, sound by Rodney Johnson.
An Excerpt from Einstein’s Daughter with a new work in progress. Kim Epifano brings her trademark movement theatre and incendiary presence to the DIVAfest stage. “In Kim Epifano’s hands the abstract becomes personal and the intellectual, physical…. The passion – which sometimes approaches ecstasy – with which Epifano translates ideas onto the stage sets her works soaring” — SF BAY GUARDIAN

tinctureTINCTURE by Sean Owens
A diaphanous set of exchanges between six women, whose individual views on color and causality influence the group’s trajectory and the Collective Unconscious. TINCTURE is a foxtrot between two vanguards of libidinous feminism. A visual feast for the minds eye.

DeniseWINTERKILL Written and Performed by Denise B. Flemming
Each year during the hunting season, innocent fawns are slaughtered; it is called the time of the WINTERKILL. “A tour de force and a scalding hot script!” — BRAINERD DAILY DISPATCH “Pure diva, delivering a powerhouse, grueling performance” — SF CHRONICLE

monkeyAGROOF: an Odyssey of Amorous Adventures in B flat. Created and Performed by Monkeyhouse
Boston’s wig wearin’, globe trottin‚ dance theater collective, perform an exciting assortment of sexy satirical solos and duets exploring the ubiquitous rituals of mating.
“Jaunty physical and comic skills support [MONKEYHOUSE] as they pile on all manner of fun… their sensuous display of flesh amid wearable art seemed at once pointedly fabricated and unselfconscious” — THE VILLAGE VOICE

bethjCABARET REBEL Written and Performed by Beth Wilmurt
An evening of cabaret with its shoes kicked off and top button undone – cool, quirky, and sexy good! “Wilmurt’s quicksilver and velvet voice and wacky innocence seduces us,” SF Chronicle “A remarkably charming, uniquely talented performer” — OAKLAND TRIBUNE

BERTHABOX CAR BERTHA by Kerry Reid, performed by Christina Augello
Reading from a new one person play about the famous activist who rode the rails in the 1930’s. A rugged woman’s hard living depression era saga.

dramamamasSTRETCH MARKS : Growing Into Motherhood Written and Performed by The Drama Mamas — Sarah Cluf, Jodi Schiller, Christine Armand DiBiasi, and Christine Garofoli
The Drama Mamas’ dramatic collage of the contradictory facets of motherhood. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and when you get home, you’ll call your mother!When we formed the Drama Mamas our intention was clear-to bring our stories of motherhood to the stage. We didn’t want to just stand up on stage and talk about how wonderful our kids were or whine about how hard it was to be a mommy in this day and age (okay, well, we’re doing a little of that.). The intention, however, was deeper-to give life to some of the aspects of motherhood that many people don’t talk about.

divasStage Door by Edna Ferber & George Kaufman, a reading to benefit DIVAfest
Join us at the New York boarding house of Mrs. Orcutt, where hopes and ambitions of sixteen wanna-be actresses who have come there to pursue careers are hilariously revealed. A cast of DIVAfest all stars give this classic drama the once over.

Celebrating womanhood from minx to matriarch, virgin to vamp, DIVAfest emblazoned EXIT Theatre’s four San Francisco stages for two weeks of plays, solos, cabarets and comedy with a “female persuasion” and featuring a bevy of the very finest post modern prima donnas.

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